Thousands of applications get published on the Google play and app store every day so, how do we can check that our app is good enough to survive when there is such a high competency in the app market.  This question teases every app developers. Especially if the developer is beginner or novice.


In Competitive Technology Era Apps Should Be Stronger to Survive.

To be honest developing successful application with no flaw is impossible no matter how awesome your app developer and designer is? In that case as an app developer you must focus on specialization which means that your app should be able to serve the purpose for which it was built. If it was gaming app or if it was a shopping app it must have flexibility in terms of features like high user interface, easy navigation etc. 

In this article we are going to analyze the factors that will determine that your app is good enough to survive Competitive Market or not?

Download and price stats-

In order to check that your app is good enough to survive or not, check some similar apps of your competitors through XYO. Which will give you the basic idea regarding number of download required to be stated as your app successful.  It will also determine the price range and budget of how many consumers are willing to pay the price in order to download your app?

App ranking/reviews-

This is also a best criterion for figuring out that your app is good enough to survive or not before launching your app. Try to analyze the rankings of similar apps. You will get to know which is the best app. Well, in that category try to use it for your own benefit and by reading reviews. So you get to know what exactly users  has expectations from your app? What are the loopholes in existing best app? Did your app able to fix those loopholes or not? You can check the ranking on App Annie, App figure etc.

Competitor’s income-

This is also a great factor for testing your app detailed information about your rival’s profit which will definitely prove beneficial, but the problem is how will you figure out that what is your competitors income. You must be thinking that hiring of a spy/private investigator? No, you don’t need to put that much effort. You can get access to this information through App Annie although it is not free. You have to pay the amount in order to get your information.

Web/online presence-

It is also a great testing factor for figuring out how good your app is, because best app is one who has got more internet presence in terms of quality, articles and reviews released in favor of your app.

You can analyze this factor by checking that how many articles and reviews were published in promotion of your rival’s app. This will be good for your promotion and marketing strategy so that you can prepare better for marketing strategy before the launching and publishing of your app. You can use the Google alert for performing this function or Alexa in order to know traffic information of your competitor’s app.


Everybody knows that keywords affect the ranking of your app in search bar of Google play and app store. So what are the best keywords for your app? How will you get to know?

In order to find solution for this problem check what type of keywords your competitors use for their apps. That will give you good idea about the choosing and placing of keywords for your app. You can do this by using sensor tower as it is not free but it does have essential features that can be used without paying and another way of finding better keywords by using MobileDevHQ.

Promotion and campaigning strategy-

No matter how good your app is, no matter it is usable or not but effective promotion and marketing strategy can make worst mobile application famous for a time being. This factor does not have limit in terms of money. spending depends upon your pocket if you can invest little extra then go for it. Marketing strategy is the most important factor in determining whether the app is good enough to survive or not. 

Detailed information about campaign, marketing, time and money spent is provided by Adbeat although it is not free. It is paid service $249 per month to be a standard user and $399 per month for an advanced user.

Strategy of PR (public relation)- Establishing sentimental relation with your user can achieve greater success. For your app, most of the trusted brands have applied this strategy in order to make lasting impression in the users mind so that the loyal consumers no matter whatever the situation, they never switch to competitor or any other similar product. In order to get your app successful, try to build emotional relation with the target audience through the use of PR(Public Relation).

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